St. Peter’s Routes In Latvia: The Case Of Super Petram Charm-Type

Pp. 100-109

  • Toms Ķencis
Keywords: healing, Latvia, oak, St. Peter, Super petram, toothaches, verbal charms, Baltic, encounter charms


St. Peter is the most frequently encountered Christian saint in Latvian verbal charms. Among the latter are charms against various illnesses and aches, household and protective charms, charms against thieves and other. The popularity of St. Peter in vernacular healing practices might be related to his special role in biblical narrative and medieval Christian legends. Latvian variations of the widespread Super petramtoothache charm represent a particular version of this charm-type that can be tracked back to fifteenth century Germany. As such it features several semantic elements common with other Latvian toothache charms. Although there are only three recorded Latvian "Super petram"charms, this research contributes to long term investigation of presence of classical charm-types in Latvian-speaking region.